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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Van

So, if you look at my photo album you will see a group of pictures entitled "The Love Bus". J and I bought this 1970 VW Westfalia bus from my cousin a couple of years ago. You should have seen us trying to bring this thing home, almost a 2 hour drive away! We had to rent a trailor from UHaul, the kind you can drive your car right upon. It just fit! It was quite a drive home. But first, we had to stop at Sears to buy a new battery so that we could drive it into our garage. You should have seen the look on peoples faces, they were honking and waving and smiling! Feel the love people!!!! The original plan for our bus was to convert it into The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, because I loooooove Scooby. Now we are talking about painting it the same green color and maybe doing flames or something instead, but still decorating the inside with my Scooby stuff. We haven't been able to fix it up yet, life got in the way ya know? We hope to start on it next year. J has been checking out junk yards and catalogs so we know how much it will cost us.....I can't wait!!! What do you think of our happy "winking" love bus???

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hello and Welcome

I have had this website for a few years now and my awesome new hubby just got everything up and runnung for me, so I guess it's time to start using it. Well, let me start off with some info about me and my life. The name of my website comes thanks to my sister, who growing up used to call me Bean because I was tall and skinny, like a beanpole. I am "twenty-something" years old and have lived in NY my whole life. I have to say, no matter how bad the winters get, I still love living here. The seasons just blow me away and I can't get enough of it. Like I said, I have a new hubby "J" AND a new stepdaughter "K". We have been together for 5 years now and he is my best friend, I don't know what I'd do without him. We just got back from our honeymoon in Aruba! It was very hot but very exciting! I will be posting pictures from our wedding and honeymoon within the next few days. I also have three furbabies (my kitties) Mocha, Artemis, and Fox. My fourth one just passed in May, my buddy Simba. His brother, Mocha, and I miss him terribly (as does everyone else). I've never felt so much hurt before. A lot has happened to me over the last 10 years, but I will take my time with talking about that. Right now I stay at home trying to keep everything neat and making dinner and such. While I'm not tending to the house and "K", I like to write children's articles and stories, both non-fiction and fiction. I am working on getting two of my articles published right now. I will post some of my stories from time to time. I am also a crafty lady, focusing on making chocolates and candies (which I have been told that my truffles bring much pleasure to people!). My parents have been together for 36 years now, as have "J's" parents, which gives us great hope for our marriage! I'm sure I could say more, but it is late and I am finally tired. This is one of many posts that I hope you will read, please leave comments for me!

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Monday, September 26, 2005

My boy.....

......"J" poo is the best!!!
And it is our 5 year anniversary today!

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