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Sunday, March 25, 2007

So far so good

Guess who turned 6 months old today???

Guess who also got her third tooth today???

Number 4 is on its way!

Taking the girls to have Easter pics done tomorrow. Josh is on his way home from DC right now. I am trying to get a cold, so is Aly. K is trying to get over one. It has been non-stop running, and if I stop I'm afraid what might happen. I will update when I post the Easter pics!

PS - Aly's still having BM problems, going to see a GI specialist on Wednesday in Watertown. And I had an MRI on Thursday, still waiting on results.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Two for the price of...sanity

Oh boy.

On March 2nd, Alyson was blessed with TWO teeth. Yes, two. She has had one on the bottom left side of her mouth trying to come up for about 2-3 weeks now. And all of the sudden, BAM! Two toofers. And Josh and I are insane, from the lack of sleep and headaches from her screaming. Tylenol for everyone!!!

She is starting to calm down a little as they come in more and more each day. She is still not sleeping thru the night yet, the doctor says it's ok. She has been falling asleep around 10PM and sleeping until 11:30PM - midnight. She takes a bottle, then wakes up around 3AM for another bottle, then again between 6 and 6:30AM, and then she's up by 9AM now. We are starting to fall into a routine, Josh and I are trying to get her to go to bed earlier because 1...we are exhausted and want to go to bed, and 2...daylight savings time is coming and that will throw everything off. Babies don't understand that "Spring Ahead" means we lose an hour of sleep, therefore you go to bed earlier. Damn kids.

Aly is still having BM problems. I have been talking with her doctor and he actually had to call a GI specialist in Syracuse to see what we can do. She is still not pooing on her own, I have to give her a supposity everyday to make her go. He has also prescribed her a medicine to keep the poo soft in her intestines, it's called Lactulose. It's just like giving a baby Karo syrup in their bottles. I guess baby foods are not made with sugar anymore, and that is what keeps moisture in your intestines. Karo syrup does it, but they don't recommend using it anymore because a few years ago they found cases of botulism. Anyway, she takes it 3 times a day in her bottle and it was supposed to make her have BM's within 72 hours. Well, it didn't, but it does make everything soft now! Her poo was so hard that she couldn't push it out and she was bleeding. I know this isn't an everyday subject, but it's what's going on with Aly. So, the doctor called me tonight and we have to take her in for an x-ray of her abdomen on Monday. The specialist says he wants to make sure that her insides aren't flip flopped (in the wrong places), it's called malrotation. I just want to know what's wrong and how to fix it, she's been like this for months. I really think this is why she's not sleeping.

Other then that she is great! She does different things everyday. She is so alert, knows her name, knows our voices, can almost sit up by herself, rolls over and tries to get up on her knees, she plays with toys now, she is interested in everything around her, she "talks" like there's no tomorrow, it's great!

Ok, the beast is awake. Need to feed her and bathe her.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Hee Hee

This commercial always makes me laugh....

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