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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Milestones, etc.

Things to remember that Alyson has done so far...

9/30/06 - she found her nose and went cross eyed
10/01/06 - first bath at home!
10/04/06 - first visit to daddy's work, and went to visit Tina at her house
10/08/06 - lost belly button stub
10/08/06 - she found her thumb and put it in her mouth while taking a bath
10/14/06 - first trip to the mall
10/15/06 - first tear drop from crying so hard! :(
10/25/06 - laughed/smiled while watching the fishies on her bouncy seat

Nicknames for Alyson...

Aly Cat
Mouth (for obvious reasons)
Monkey Toes
Baby Girl

Just some miscellaneous things...

-she hates to lay down flat, she has to be sitting up to see everything
-she actually says "waaaah" in such a sad way, it breaks your heart but makes you laugh at the same time
-she has peed on mommy while having her diaper changed too many times to count, mommy has learned from this
-sometimes she is sooo hungry, she will put her hands in her mouth and chew on them while snorting, and it is very hard to move them out of the way to get the bottle in her mouth
-she loves to sit and look up at the ceiling fans in our living room, they have been our saviors during crying fits
-she has been holding her head up by herself since day one
-she is very stubborn and independant
-she has my heart, I never thought I could love someone so deeply (other then her daddy!) or be so in awe

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Our little pumpkin!

Yes, we really put her in a pumpkin! Posted by Picasa

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Cousin Z with Alyson.

Cousin R with Alyson.

Nanny and Bumpy with Alyson.

First bath! Posted by Picasa

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Aunt Meme with Alyson, one day old.

Aunt Kimmy with Alyson, one day old.

Mommy with Alyson, going home.

Family picture! Posted by Picasa

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Daddy and Alyson, 7 hours old.

Grandma and Grandpa with Alyson, one day old.

Great Grandma with Alyson, one day old.

Big sis with Alyson, one day old. Posted by Picasa

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One month old

Can you believe it??? Alyson's one month old today!

So much has been going on, I will have to give you the short version.

The Wednesday after we came home she started screaming every night for hours, not just "I'm hungry, I'm wet, hug me" screams. They were "OMG do something" screams. So we are zombies right now. On top of that, she wasn't pooping. And she wasn't gaining her weight back. So we had to supplement with formula, and stick a thermometer up her coolie a few times a day, poor thing. Well, that wasn't working so we had to take her to the doctor on a Sunday, and he had to stick his finger up there, which made her let out a scream that mommy couldn't handle and she broke down crying too. He also listened to her tummy and decided that she has ACID REFLUX. Nice huh? So, now she is on prescription meds twice a day for that, plus gas medicine, plus formula/breastmilk, and pear juice. Our poor little girl. She has been through a lot in one month, and so have we. Seems that we have a colicky baby, did not expect this at all. She starts screaming between 8-10 PM and can go until 6 AM. No joke. We actually recorded her for the doctor to see, because we didn't know what was wrong with her. She is starting to do better, but I don't want to say too much for fear of jinxing us!

We have done a lot with her, things I can't believe we've done! I never thought I'd take her out of the house until she was at least one month old.....haha! She went out the week after she was born. We've gone to the mall, and gone to dinner, gone to visit friends and family, and she even has a halloween costume for trick or treating! I will post some pics after I finish this post.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. J went back to work, and K has talked to her mom. Her counselor was there for the phone call, and looks like K's mom is going to call here Sunday too. We will see how it goes. K will be done with soccer on Sunday, they lost every game this fall but they did pretty good. J's sister is done with the Navy so she is home now. My dad hurt himself cutting a piece of wood on a tablesaw, really bad. He cut his left thumb and pointer finger. He needed surgery on his finger, cut the nerve, tendon and artery. He is ok now, had a cast now has a splint. There are strings coming out of each finger, it looks nasty. He started physical therapy this week and the dr. said everything said and done will take 6 weeks. I am doing ok, I can get around and drive now, but where the incision is still bothers me when my clothes rub against it. I am wearing my maternity pants so it doesn't get irritated, but they are big on me. I lost all of my maternity weight by the first week, plus I lost extra! I gained 30 pounds with her, and have lost 37! J's work had a baby shower for us this week, it was so nice! They are like a big family there! That's all I can think of right now, I'll post pics...

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The story of our Alyson

Whew! What a whirlwind three weeks it has been! Sorry for the delay, I will tell you everything that has been going on but first I want to tell you Alyson's story!

Ok, I woke up Monday morning (the 25th) at 3AM with contractions. I started to time them and they were 3-5 minutes apart! I couldn't believe what was going on, and they were a little uncomfortable. So, I woke J up at 3:30AM, I called the doctor (wasn't my dr again) and she said to get to the hospital, we got K up and left the house at 4AM to take her to J's parents house. It was funny, when J woke K up she asked him if it was Tuesday because she knew that was the day we were scheduled to go into the hospital, poor thing was so tired. We dropped her off and then got to the hospital at 4:45AM. The nurses checked me in and there was a midwife there that used to work at my doctors office, so I felt really comfortable about that. She said I was 1 cm dialated, so they wanted me to walk around the maternity ward to get things going quicker. I had a lovely hospital gown on and an IV, and boy those contractions felt great! At 8AM, the doctor on call came in and examined me, she decided to manipulate my cervix to get things going and broke my water. The manipulation didn't feel great, but she got me to dialate 3cm. And when she broke my water, the dr and nurses couldn't believe how much fluid came out! It was weird, my stomach actually shrank! Then I used the exercise ball to relieve some of the pressure, I didn't think I'd like sitting on it but boy did it help! J and I had to start doing the lamaze breathing which does help you to concentrate to a point. You should have seen the contractions I was having, it was crazy to be able to see them on the machine. At noon they finally gave me the epidural and MAN was that great!!! It didn't bother me, because I've had a spinal tap before so this was nothing. I highly recommend the epidural! It helped so much that I was able to sleep for about an hour!!! No kidding! At 1PM they started me on the Pitocin, to help dialate my cervix. It was slow going though, was frustrating. My midwife had to leave at 5PM, and another dr came in. He was great though, he delivered my friends boys and he was just so nice and helpful. At 6PM hard labor started, and at 7PM I started to push. Now just to let you know, the epidural wore off on the right side of my body, so I could feel EVERYTHING on that side. Ouchy. But, my left side was so numb my leg kept falling off the bed, hahaha!!! J was great, he really tried to keep me focused and do the lamaze breathing. It was hard because of the epidural wearing off. I really didn't mind the pushing, it actually helped. Well, the nurse, dr and J could see her head but she wasn't moving, so the dr gave me a choice of having a c section or keep trying. Now, this was around 9PM and I was actually falling asleep during my contrations! I don't know how, because they were very hard and intense, but I just knew my body had had enough. So, we decided to go ahead with the c section. I remember saying to J and the dr that I was sorry, and the dr yelled at me, in a nice way, to not apologize for anything that I did nothing wrong and he didn't want to hear me say that again. I felt relieved that I was having the c section because that meant that she would be here soon, but I felt like I gave up at the same time. I know now I wouldn't have ever been able to do it though, they said her head was there but she was turned with her face facing toward my left leg. So, they gave me a second epidural, (yeay!) and sent me down to the OR. Now, J had called everyone right around 6PM to come to the hospital because they had told us that the baby would be here soon. Now it was 9PM, and J's parents had brought K and the other kids and there was school the next day so I felt terrible. The doctor went out to the waiting room and explained to everyone what was going on, and he especially focused on K because J said she was in tears and scared. J changed into scrubs, and they wheeled me down the hall past the waiting room so I could say hi to everyone and tell K it was going to be ok. K was crying so I gave her a hug and told her it would be ok and I would see her soon with her new sister! My parents and sister were there too, everyone looked so nervous. Well, they took me down and prepped me, then they let J come in and at 10:03PM Alyson Ciara was born!!!! She cried immediately, the dr held her up over the curtain so J could see her and then they took her behind me and cleaned her up. J asked if he could go with her and one of the dr's told him to wait because she looked all "ewwwww". After they cleaned her up J went over to her and then he came back and they let him hold her for a minute, then they laid her on my chest so I could see her. I couldn't hold her, because they had my arms spread out to either side of my body. The dr kept commenting on how pointed her head was, but I didn't get to see it. J did and he couldn't believe what a conehead she was! The dr said you could really tell that I was pushing pretty good, but that I would have never gotten her out. Well, then they took her away upstairs to the nursery and they kicked J out so they could finish with me. I had to sit in recovery until 11:30PM, so I didn't get to hold Alyson right away. I told J to go ahead and tell everyone her name, because we had waited so that we could tell K first. Everyone in the OR wanted to know her name so bad, but we explained that we wanted K to know before everyone else. So, after J left to tell K and everyone, I told everone in the OR. One dr was really funny, he kept making up names for her, not appropriate names though, names like caligula. So, J got to go into the nursery and take pictures and watch them weigh her and stuff. We didn't know how much she weighed after she was delivered, so when they wheeled me out to recovery the dr asked me how much I thought she weighed. I said 8 lbs 5 oz, and the other nurses were guessing too. I couldn't believe it when he said she weighed 9 LBS 5 OZ!!!!!! I just couldn't even begin to think about how she was inside me weighing that much! I only gained 30 pounds, and there was so much amniotic fluid! She was very very swollen though, as you can see by her first picture with me. Just to give you an idea, she dropped down to 8 lbs 6 oz and is now 3 weeks later 9 lbs 1 oz. J got to come back to recovery to be with me, then they wheeled me upstairs and stopped outside the nursery. Everyone was there waiting, they got to stand at the nursery window after they brought Alyson up. The nurses brought her out so that I could finally hold her, and they always play music over the loudspeaker of the hospital after a baby is born so they did that too, it was cute! I think it was midnight 12:30AM by the time they put us in our room. They gave me some time and then wheeled Alyson in so I could hold her and feed her. It was amazing, I couldn't believe that she was here and was ours! J was so great, I couldn't ask for a better husband/friend. He stayed with me all week, and slept there everynight! It was such an amazing experience, you go thru every emotion you can think of. And now here she is! It was a long week, and has been a long 3 weeks so recovering, us getting used to having a baby. I will type more about the last three weeks when I can. She has been sleeping, but is starting to wake up.

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