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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Check it out!

My Joshy poo has his own website now!

All is good here, just really tired and doing way too much. Have no time to myself. So, I'm really really sorry to those of you that have called and I haven't called back. I know, that is rude, but really I have been non-stop! K is going into middle school and we have been running around preparing for that. Aly is teething 24/7 so she is just a joy to be with (not). And Josh is sick and working his butt off.

Ok, sorry but I need to go to bed as it is almost 11PM and Aly will be up at 7AM.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Alyson at 11 months old

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Monday, August 20, 2007

FEAR Our Wrath!!!!!!!!!!


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Falling behind

Sorry people! I've fallen behind. Been really busy though, running around.

I will write more later but this is what's been up...
Friday K went to the Great Escape Lake George with her Girl Scout troop, so we were running around getting ready for that. Then Josh, Aly and I went out for dinner at Applebee's.
Saturday Josh, Aly and I had a yard sale for most of the day. Didn't do too well, maybe made $35.
Sunday I went to the Turning Stone Casino with my friend Kimmy to have dinner and play Bingo! My first time, we didn't win.
Monday Josh, Alyson, K and I went with my friend Kimmy and her two sons to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY and then went to Carousel Mall since we were right there.
Today was a catch up day, laundry and such.
Tomorrow K has a dentist appt and we will probably be doing some school shopping after.
I will write more when I get a chance, and post some pics of our trip to the zoo!!!

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


K's grandma bought her a Nintendo Wii, just because. Can you say trying to buy her love? This is her mom's mother, crazy kookes. She usually doesn't call for a couple of months and then when she finally does she wants K for like a full weekend, ain't happening.

ANYWAY, the reason why I am typing this is because we are playing a bowling game on Wii Sports right now and I am so kicking the booty! Yeah, it's a bowling game where they keep increasing the number of pins for ten frames and you have to try to knock down as many as you can. Well, I have high score of 514! And it is KILLING my loving hubby!!!! HAHAHAHA! Boo Ya Josh!

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ink a bink a bottle of ink

So, the topic today is tattoo's. Do you have any? What are they and where? Why did you get it/them?

I got a tattoo a little over six years ago, at a tatoo party that my friend had at her house. The guy that did it was my co-workers husband, and he had a legitimate tattoo business. I decided to get it on the back of my neck: 1-because I could hide it with my hair if need be, and 2-because everyone was getting them on their backs and hips at the time and I wanted to be different. Well, I have to admit that I am not totally in love with it and I wish I didn't just rush into doing something so permanent, especially at a party. I knew I wanted a butterfly, but I didn't see anything in his books that I loved. I mean, I did see some awesome butterfly tattoo's but they were huge! This one was nice and small. The thing I don't like about it is how dark he made the lines, and the colors. The butterfly should be a blending of pink and purple, but it just looks purple....and black. I've thought about getting another one somewhere else, but I'm not sure. I've also thought about trying to get this one re-done or even removed. What do you think?

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pics from the park

Alyson swimming August 4, 2007

Z covered in chocolate frosting, 6th Birthday party
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A day in the park, good and bad

Today we celebrated my nephews 6th birthday at one of the local town parks. It is so nice there! There is a place to swim that is fed by a spring, there are many pavillions and picnic areas, trees to sit under, playgrounds, basketball courts, horseshoe pits, obstacle courses, walking trails, baseball diamond, volleyball net...and it is all free!

Josh's mom set up the party under a bunch of trees between the play area and the lake, and had many activities planned...sandcastle building contest, bubble blowing contest, and freeze tag to name a few. Well, Josh and I took Aly on the beach and Josh started to make a sandcastle. Little Miss Alyson decided to take fistfulls of wet sand and shove them into her mouth! Then she would crawl into the lake and stick her face in the water and start drinking it! I don't even know what to say about this, other then her diaper that afternoon was filled with yellow sand-poo, that actually smelled like sand! Hahaha! Well, everyone had a good time and we were there for 6 hours.

I haven't really said much about K and her mom, but some things have happened. I needed time to cool down, so here is the story. I'm pretty sure I told all of you that she saw her mom for the first time in a year in the counselors office in May right? Well, her mom called the counselor at the end of July and said that she would be in town the beginning of the next week and would like to see K. The counselor called me and said that K's mom asked if she could take K to Enchanted Forest (water park in Old Forge NY). I said absolutely not, it is too far and too much for being only the second time that they are seeing each other. The counselor agreed and said that it was too public a place for them right now. So, I talked to Josh and we agreed with the counselor that no more than a 2 hour visit this time outside of the counselors office, and that we would have to supervize and that they could go for a walk across the street from us (so we could sit on the porch and watch) and/or go down the road for ice cream (so we could sit in the car and watch). The reason we have to be there with K and her mom is because K was diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), because of her mom leaving her almost 4 years ago. The counselor explained this to her mom, said how K needs to be comfortable and be able to go to us if she wants to go home, incase she gets upset. K's mom agreed to this, and also agreed to come by herself so that her and K can start to fix their relationship. should know by now how this woman works, you have read about her for almost 2 years and you should be able to predict what happens next. She calls K 3 days before they are to meet and says that she is going to take K to a park and take her to lunch! Totally NOT what we ALL agreed on! Oh, and then she tells K that she will have soooooo much fun playing with her half-sister! That was not agreed upon either. I need to back up two days though. She talked to Josh on the phone and told him that she wouldn't have a car because her husband would be using it, so that she would be using her sisters car and leaving the baby with her sister. WELL, Josh "misunderstood" because she told K that her sister, K's aunt, would be driving the car and that K's half-sister would be in the car! But not to worry! The aunt would be watching the half-sister!!!! Are you following me? Or have I totally lost you? This is what we have dealt with for YEARS! Word games!

Ok, so, Josh and I end up at each others throats over this, because he has full custody and I feel he needs to stand his ground, and he feels we needed to let it go and show the counselor how much of a wackadoo this woman is and how she doesn't listen to anyone and does what SHE wants. So, he ends up calling her the night before to make definate plans, tells her that we didn't agree to a park or lunch but that he would let it go this time, and also didn't agree to the aunt and the half-sister and how she is going against what the counselor told her to do. She got pissy, told him he wasn't listening to her and that the counselor never said anything to her about where to go.

So, she comes to the house at 10AM, picks K up, and we follow. We lay down blankets at one end of the park and they go to the other. No more than 15 minutes of K and her mom being alone, the aunt brings the half-sister over. We figure that K and her mom spent no more than 30-40 minutes alone out of the 1 hour and 45 minutes that they were together. At 11AM, they all went into a pavillion to eat lunch (the Aunt went to get Burger King), so we stayed where we were and gave them some alone time. We let it go past 11:30AM (the time K's mom said she had to go). THEN, at 11:40AM I see a truck come around the is K's stepdad!!!!! He pulls up next to the pavillion and gets out! He is NOT allowed to see K, talk to her, be with her, nothing!!! So, we put Aly in her stroller and race to get over there. Luckily, K says that he only said hi to her and that was it, well that was enough! The kid has PTSD, let's just make it worse there mother of the year! I'm surprised she didn't wet herself. (Just to remind you, he was on the verge of physically abusing her last year). So, we stand there staring at him and K's mom, so she brings K back across the street, says goodbye and walks back (she never said a word to us even though we said hi).

The worst that happened after this was K would not put Aly down, she was holding her all the time and acting like her mother, that lasted abotu 3-4 days. She was fine for a few hours that day, but that night she turned into a terror. The next day she was a mute. This is what happens everytime, even when they just talk on the phone or K gets an e-mail. I wish K would just realize that her mom isn't going to change into what she wants her to be, and tell us and the counselor that she has had enough. The counselor tells us that it will happen soon though, but we need to leave it up to K. Obviously, we don't want to take her from her mom, but this woman isn't even playing by the rules! I talked to the counselor the next day on the phone and told her all of this, she wasn't happy. We saw her a few days later and she talked to K for 30 minutes and us the rest of the time. It was agreed upon that if they see each other again it will have to be in the counselors office again, and nothing else. The counselor had high hopes but finally sees what she is really like, and how she put K in harms way again.

On top of all this, K told us that her mom BOUGHT a house in MA, and is 30 minutes closer to us now. K made a comment to her mom about this and said that she was surprised. Her mom asked why and K told her because she only ever rents houses and then moves. Her mom told her that they bought this house and will be in it for a little while but then will do something else. So, sounds like they bought it, and will probably fix it up and rent it out, then move again. We're not too worried about it.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

The baby is sleeping!

Glory be!

We started training Alyson to not take a bottle every hour of the night a couple of weeks before we went to Miami (I know, poor timing). We had to stop while we were gone, but started right back up when we came home. Since this past Sunday, she is now sleeping in her own room! We are still giving her a bottle before bed, but she is going to bed between 9 and 10 PM, and sleeping almost everynight STRAIGHT THRU until between 7 and 8 AM!!!!!! We get the occasional cry for a minute or five, but she is doing GREAT now! Mommy and Daddy are finally getting some sleep! Although, I wake up every couple of hours to check on her still. Oh well, that will stop I'm sure.

How did we do it? I owe a lot of the credit to Josh, as he took on this situation because I didn't have the heart to. We ended up having to let her cry for a bit, but it never got out of control, thank goodness.

We are also finally getting her to hold her own bottle, the little princess didn't want to do it. I owe that one to Josh too. Slowly it is all coming together.

A few more accomplishments:

7/26/07 - She stacked the rings on her ring stacker thingy (technical term) a couple of times, instead of just knocking it over.

7/26/07 - Went to lunch with Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa at Applebee's and sucked/slurped the food off of her spoon everytime I put it to her funny!

***7/26/07 - Took one step without falling, not holding on to anything, and stood for a minute after!!!!! Mommy, Nanny and cousin Z saw her do it!!!!

7/31/07 - Grandpa taught her how to clap her hands to play Pat-A-Cake.

I looked into her mouth the other day and I see 4 white bumps on the top of her mouth just under her gums, OMG! Four!!!! I can't see the bottom yet, she won't let us look!

She is just too cute, there are so many things I could tell you but I'd be here all day! Like she shakes her head "No" and laughs about it, and she talks baby talk all day, and she screams happy screams just out of the blue. I can't believe she is going to be a year old next month!

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New stuff on my site

As you may have noticed, there are now Google Ads and a search bar on my site.
I am trying to bring in some extra moola to help out with the know, diapers, formula, clothes, K is a pre-teen, need I say more?
SO, I can't ask you to click on these ads (against the rules), I just wanted to point them out...wink wink.
In return, I am going to try to post more, and not just about the kids and us. I need to get my stories up for you all to read and critique!
Oh, and feel free to tell your friends about my site!

Thanks so much everyone!!!!!

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