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Sunday, November 27, 2005

COUNTDOWN... Christmas!!!!!

27 days people!!!!! OMG!!!!!

LOVE the countdown!!! It's CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!

Posted by -=(Scooby)=- @ 11:50 PM

Links.....Ta Da!!!!

"J" poo has created a little side bar that says "Favorite Links" on it and it will have all the links that I find interesting!
Thanks "J" poo!!!!

Tell me what you think of them!!!! Do you have any of your own to add???

Posted by -=(Scooby)=- @ 11:48 PM

Turkey day has come and gone....

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!!!! I know a few of you were cooking up a storm, I hope everything came out deeeelish!!!!! My cranberry chutney was AWESOME, and so were my candied sweet taters!!!! YEAY! There wasn't much leftover, so sad. We went to "J's" parents house for dinner, my parents joined us. We made it thru all the snow!! Anyone else get snow?? Dinner was nice, we all sat at the table and said what we were thankful for, we do that every year now. Leave it to "J" to say "I'm thankful for the fact that we got married so I don't have to hear anyone say anymore 'when are you gonna propose?'..." He funny guy! :P

We didn't go out Friday or Saturday for any shopping, we stayed home and enjoyed our weekend free of running around! Although, today we went to a Pancake breakfast to help out my niece's school, and then went to the craft fair they were holding. "J" and I did a little Christmas shopping, which we are almost done for all of the kids in our lives....thank God! We went to his parents house for dinner again, because we were celebrating my niece's report card. I didn't feel well at all today, so we didn't stay too late. I was off balance today and my vision was blurry, like a white haze around my eyes. Then we came home from dinner and I got sick, I think it's a stomach did my stomach knot up!!!! I still feel icky, hopefully it's just a one day thing!

My parents stopped by Saturday night, they were out Christmas shopping. My mom is funny, she wanted a cute little Christmas draft dodger from Kohl's for their front door. I made the mistake of telling her that our front door was drafty too, so guess what her and dad bought for us? Yup, you guessed it! And, usually every holiday, she buys new themed kitchen towels for me and my sis, so this year it is snowmen! Thanks mom and dad! :) It's the little things, ya know?!

My sister called and said she made it thru her turkey day dinner (barely) with her hubby and in-laws. Some people in that family don't talk very nice to her, and they didn't last year so she was hoping it would be different this year. Didn't happen, so sad. Don't understand why people are so mean. So, they got their dinner and went home. I think next year one of us should have dinner and invite just the people that we want!!! YEAH!!!!! Power to the Meme!!! ;)

Whew!!! I typed a lot! So, tell me about your Thanksgiving Day??!!

Posted by -=(Scooby)=- @ 11:09 PM

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Toys vs. Bankruptcy

Oh my God, when did toys become sooo expensive???!!!
Just last year, we could find things for the kids for $5 and $10, now they start at $20 if you're lucky!!!! Everything is electronic now, and most toys are $30 and $40 each! Plus, the older the kids get the harder it is to buy for them. "J" and I were shopping for almost 5 hours yesterday and we're not even half way done! I need to start a Christmas club account now for next year, this is rediculous!

I went outside and put up our Christmas lights around the porch today because it was so nice outside! "J" mowed and I trimmed the rose bush. It's funny, because just a couple of days ago we had snow on the ground!

By the way, "K's" mom had a baby girl on the 3rd, so now "K" is a big sister. She is happy but having some issues, because her mom lives 4 hours away and she feels that she will be forgotten by her mom even more so now. We made sure that she went out to see her mom for the weekend right after the baby was born, so that "K" could see that she was still loved and to meet her new sister.

Posted by -=(Scooby)=- @ 8:23 PM

Friday, November 18, 2005

Knitted Wedding

So, "J" is always sending me these links with weird things like jello sculptures and such. But this one he just sent me was cool and weird at the same time! Take a look! I dabble in knitting so I thought this was kinda neat!

My favorite thing is their wedding cake!

Posted by -=(Scooby)=- @ 9:02 AM

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


So, as of yesterday it has been two years since I had my accident at work. Here's the short version.....was leaving work late, was the first day we got snow, the inside stairway was wet, I was going down to get to my car and fell down about 5 steps on my right side. Injured everything....neck, hip, back, arm, etc. Was out of work for about two months, then went back part time, then tried full time, then doctor took me out, so I lost my job. Haven't worked since. Have been in pain ever since. Is mostly neck pain that radiates into my shoulder, arm, and hand. It sucks, I didn't expect that it would go on this long. I have had 5 steroid injections in the right lower side of my back, 7 in the right side of my neck, two noviacine injections into the right side of my neck, numerous x-rays/cat scans/mri's, a very painful emg, and lots of physical therapy, prescriptions and many doctors. I hate it. I wish I could forget about the pain and it would stop, which I've tried, but it doesn't. It could be worse I tell myself all the time, but when the seasons change it kills me. I am no good to anyone. I am thinking about trying a chiropractor next. Maybe that would work.

On top of all of this, last fall I became very sick after some of the injections I had.....headaches, dizzy, seeing spots, tired all the time. So, went and had yet another MRI and they discovered two lesions in my head. Sooooo, had to have more bloodwork, an eeg, and (fun fun!) a spinal tap. In February of this year I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Had to have a 3 day steroid IV treatement at the hospital for the swelling around my brain. I bloated soooo bad, I looked like a chipmunk! But, my headaches went away finally and the two lesions shrunk. So far, I haven't had any exacerbations since, just tired and forgetful.

So, here I am today, hurting because of this weather and wondering which pain goes with what problem. I know it will get better, just somedays it's hard to think positive when I feel like this. I stopped taking all of my medicines and I am not going to do any injections for the MS right now. I am tired of medicines. Sorry about the whining, but I needed to get it out!

Posted by -=(Scooby)=- @ 5:57 PM

Thursday, November 03, 2005

My creations

My "J" poo has posted some of my craft pics under "My creations" in the photo album. Take a look and tell me what you think!
The candies I do for baby showers, weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, communions, etc.
The asian themed quilt I made for my sister for her bridal shower gift.
The other quilt I still haven't finished, it's almost done. I started that back in 2000!
The basket with the marshmallow peeps was a contest I entered a few years back, you had to design a basket to represent your state using marshmallow peeps.
There's more but I have to find the pictures, especially the stuff I did for our wedding.

Posted by -=(Scooby)=- @ 7:17 PM