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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

7 months

Aly is 7 months old today, can you believe it???!!!

She crawled the other day, 4/22 i think, Josh and K saw her do it but I missed it....sniff sniff. :( I know I will see her do it soon though, just glad Josh got to see it before he went away to Phoenix.

She is still not sleeping thru the night, and we are exhausted and beside ourselves. What are we doing wrong? Should we just leave her in her crib and let her cry? I just can't even think about doing that to her. She's had such a hard time of life so far, poor thing. The acid reflux is back in full force and she hurts so bad some nights we can't calm her down. It is terrible to watch tears stream down your baby's face. She is on Prevacid, but it's obviously not working. Doctor is supposed to call me tomorrow.

I will update more on Aly later, she is asleep now so I am going to bed before she wakes up again.

Any advice from the parents out there???????? How do I get this kid to sleep????

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Spongebob No Pants!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Aly's Accomplishments

March 2007 - No exact date, started saying "Da", "Ha", "Ba", "Ga", "Ah ha", and of course "Ma" was last.

03/06/07 - Started to use her hands/fingers to play with the toys on her bouncy. Spinning wheels, grabbing things, etc.

03/17/07 - Aly started to pull herself along the floor.

03/18/07 - She discovered coughing, and that it would get her attention.

03/21/07 - Reached to hug Grandma goodbye.

03/22/07 - Laid her head on K's (Sissy) shoulder.

03/25/07 - Got tooth #3 today, top front right.

03/26/07 - Got tooth #4 today, top front left.

03/30/07 - We tried to give her finger foods, sweet potato puffs, she made a funny face, wrinkled up her nose and spit it out. She didn't know what to do with it, and had a hard time picking it up. She kept losing it inside the palm of her hand. She also raised her eyebrows today and winked at me twice.

04/02/07 - Aly discovered how to hold her breath - scared mommy at first. She also started sitting up by herself!

04/04/07 - She started getting up on one knee and would push herself forward but had her head down. She also started scooching backwawrds.

04/06/07 - Aly got up on both knees with her stomach off of the ground, doesn't know what to do after that. She kind of just falls forward. I think she will be crawling soon!

04/08/07 - First Easter! Had dinner at Nanny and Bumpy's house.

04/12/07 - Had her first Arrowroot biscuit and loved it! Kept turning it in her hand and looking at it while talking to it, then would put it in her mouth and scrape her teeth against it. She also had a 4 oz jar of turkey and sweet potato dinner baby food and loved it! Ate the whole thing! Which is hard to get her to do, because she is starting to reject foods now.

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Picture with the Easter Bunny!

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Aly's Easter pics

6 months old!

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Aly and K's Easter pics

Alyson 6 months old, K almost 11!

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K's Easter Pics

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