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Friday, March 31, 2006

Demon spawn!

Ok, I know it's not nice to call people names, much less your kid, but enough is enough already!!!! I had such a good day yesterday, I got up and was able to do things around the house without getting sick or gagging! And then there was last night.....I couldn't get comfy, my hip is KILLING me, and I was dry heaving. Every time I got up to use the bathroom my hip gave out and I had to grab for something so I wouldn't fall. Then this morning I couldn't stop gagging! Come on kid, give your mom a break!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

Today is beeeeeeeautiful!!!! It is 75 degrees outside right now! In March!!! I decided to shampoo the rug in K's room since it is so nice, and since there will be 5 other girls here next Saturday for her birthday party sleepover. Yes, she is turning 10. We are having a Spy theme party, I sent out the invites this week. I made up secret agent names for each girl and gave them each an agent number and password. J poo bought police tape to put all over our front porch, and we bought spy kits for them to use to solve the case that we are going to give them. We are going to give them clues and have them look for a "missing briefcase" that is full of jewels and such. Hopefully it doesn't rain next Saturday! I am also making a birthday cake in the shape of a magnifying glass, and J is going to tell them that they have to try food from different countries and tell them they have to try sushi. Well, it will be made out of cut up powdered donuts wrapped with green fruit roll ups and a swedish fish on top! Hee hee, I can't wait to see their faces!

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

15 Weeks

Your baby's legs are growing longer than his arms now and he can move all of his joints and limbs now. And although his eyelids are still fused shut, he can sense light. If you shine a flashlight at your tummy, for instance, he's likely to move away from the beam. Eager to know whether he's really a he or a she? You may be able to find out during an ultrasound, which will probably happen sometime soon (usually between 16 and 20 weeks). Keep in mind, though, that depending on the clarity of the picture and the position of your baby, his gender may stay a mystery.

So, I had a doctor appointment yesterday and unfortunately J poo was out of town. He was bummed so I tried to change the appointment, but no luck. My mom went with me though! It was funny, we got to hear the baby's heartbeat and she looked like she was in shock! The little jumping bean wouldn't sit still, he/she kept moving around so we didn't get to hear the heartbeat for too long. Feisty little fellow this one is!!! Everything is fine and normal, I feel like I've gained a ton of weight but the doctor said I've only gained 5 pounds! SOOOOOO....the sonogram has been scheduled and it is Tuesday April 18th at 9AM, hopefully the jumping bean cooperates so that we can see if it's a boy or a girl!!!!!

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Alright people....

You will notice that J Poo (Yes MIKE, I said J POO!) made my "Comments" section larger so that maybe you might find it in your hearts to leave me a little note now and then......motha b*#@&es!!!!!!!

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Baby gifts

Check it out! J Poo has posted pictures of all of the baby gifts we've gotten so far. It is under Photo Albums and is titled "Baby Gear". More pics to be added soon!

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14 Weeks

Welcome to your second trimester! Your energy is likely returning and your queasiness may be settling down, too. If not, hang on chances are good it'll soon be behind you (although an unlucky few women will still feel nauseated even months from now). While the top of your uterus is just a bit above your pubic bone, for some women that's enough to cause a little tummy pop. Your baby's body is lengthening, and although you can't feel movements yet, she's busy putting her tiny muscles to work.

I have had such a bad headache for about a week now. I think it's sinus though. I called the doctor today and they told me to use tylenol (not working) or sudafed. My friend Lisa recommended a few things, I am going to try some lavendar lotion tonight. Any other ideas???

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Crazy dreams

SO, for the last few months I have been dreaming A LOT more than before I got preggo, which I have read is normal. They are so vivid, and some seem so real! And I can have as many as 5 a night that I remember! I usually had dreams before this, but not this many.

I had a very bad nightmare Friday night, and it FELT so real I can't even explain. I woke up so upset I immediately started crying, and it was hard to stop. I was really bothered by it all day Saturday and even today I still shiver. I dreamt that J Poo, his mom, K, and R and Z (neice and nephew) were in the woods with a bunch of other families. We were all running around playing tag and laughing. Then all of a sudden people started screaming, and guns were being fired. We grabbed the kids and ran and hid under a rotten log, but we lost J's mom. We watched poeple running, screaming and dying. Then I looked next to me and saw a sleeping bag. I opened it up and my three cats were laying there being quiet, they were ok so I covered them back up. We waited until the shooting stopped and watched as the people with guns got on a bus and left. We all climbed out from the log and found J's mom, she was ok. There wasn't a lot of people left, but we all grouped together to get out of there. Then a bunch of the people with guns were standing behind us and told us to get on the bus. They were all dressed in black clothes with weird jewelry, almost like symbols. They were all between 18 and 30 years old too. We all got on the bus and were taken into a city and dropped off at what looked like a huge hotel. We were taken inside to a conference room, but it looked like a church inside. We were told to sit down in the pews, so we sat in the front. The people in black were on each side of the church standing there with their guns. They started to talk about their leader and we realized that it was a religious cult. They said that everyone needed to die that didn't believe and they started to shoot at everyone. I remember ducking down under the pew and just waiting for the shooting to stop. When it did I slowly started to get up and noticed everyone was on the floor covered up with their jackets. I watched a girl put something on the back of my nephew Z's head and walk away. I picked him up and he was a baby again (he's almost 5 now). He was stiff with fright so I held him and said "It's ok Z, it's Aunt Dawny, your ok sweetie." He realized who I was and loosed up and smiled. I held him to me and started crying. Then another girl dressed in black came over and held her gun to him and said "he's been marked to die". I strted pleading with her saying that he was just a baby, please spare him. She asked how old I was and I told her 30. She told me that I was allowed to live, and she would let him live too. I told her thank you. I realized that no one else was getting up and I turned to look at J and he wasn't there. My parents were sitting on the pew at this point, with almost a white glow around them. They said hello, and told me that I was ok. I asked if J was ok, and my dad shook his head and looked next to him. J's jacket was there and I slowly lifted it but he wasn't there. I looked down the aisle and saw that they were taking his body away, his hand with his wedding bad was sticking out so I knew it was him. Then I turned towards the girls and J's mom were sitting. There was a pile of jackets there so I started throwing them until i got to them. They were all dead. I remember holding Z telling him that it was ok, but then I woke up. I was scared stiff. I just layed there for a minute and didn't move, because I thought I was really there. It was terrible. Even now while I'm typing this I can't help but cry.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

13 Weeks

Your second trimester is almost here! Is your long-lost energy making a comeback? You may soon find out why many women call it the honeymoon trimester! Your baby is now nearly 3 inches long about the size of a jumbo shrimp and weighs nearly an ounce. If you could hold his hand, you'd notice the tiny, squiggly lines that make up his one-of-a-kind fingerprints. You'd also see his veins and vital organs beneath his tissue-thin skin.

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Jumping Bean Peanut!

Say hello to the jumping bean Peanut!!!! Well, I was having some problems again on Thursday so the doctor sent me for another ultrasound and bloodwork, just to be safe. So, we got to see peanut again! He/she actually looks like a baby this time, and man peanut was jumping all over the place! Even the technician laughed and said that the baby was very active! J poo said "Man, does he/she have hiccups or what?" 150 heartbeats per minute which is great, and on Thursday it showed that I was 12 weeks and 3 days. So, a few of you have told me that if the heartbeat is that high, then it's a boy. So, we will find out next month if you are right! It was so awesome to see peanut like this, I can't imagine what next month will be like! He/she was waving and kicking, it was cool! Anyway, everything is fine by the way. Baby is good, mom is still icky sicky. Starting to have more energy though, so that's a good sign!

Friday J poo took the day off from work. We decided to strip the wallpaper in the livingroom, and it took us a lot longer then we thought! I had started to work on the livingroom right before we found out I was preggo, then I got sick so it just sat there. So, we got that done, he patched a few holes in the wall, and then Saturday he and my dad primed and today he painted the ceiling. So, now all he has to do is paint the walls and trim! I am going to tape everything tomorrow, because he won't let me help! I have to stay in another room while he paints, I wish I could help but I understand. K went to see her grandma at noon on Friday (there was no school) and came back at 5PM on Saturday, she hasn't seen her in a few months so it was time. They had a good time, watched movies, went outside, and played with her cousin.

My parents came over last night, we all went out to eat first. I was craving me some Chinese food! We saw my aunt and uncle out, what a small world! Then the boys stayed home while us girls went shopping, so I wasn't there while they primed. My mom and dad bought two bibs for the baby and a towel and washcloth set. My mom is really trying to hold back on buying things before we find out what the baby is, but it's killing her! Just one more month mom!

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

12 Weeks

As your body begins to adjust to higher levels of hormones, you may notice your nausea tapering off. About half of pregnant women kiss regular morning sickness goodbye during the next few weeks (though queasiness can return periodically throughout pregnancy and an unlucky minority of pregnant women never get a break from it). Your baby has hit the 2-inch mark (about the size of a lime) and weighs half an ounce. This week, her face looks unquestionably human. Her eyes have moved closer together, and her ears are right where they should be.

I am starting to feel a little more energized, and was feeling a little better for the past couple of days. This morning wasn't one of those days though. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end?! K is excited about seeing the baby on ultrasound, but we still can't figure out how she feels about having a sister/brother. If we talk about it sometimes she talks over us and changes the subject, but she has been doing that a lot anyways to everyone. We keep telling her she is not being forgotten and not being ignored, and that she can't always be the center of attention. She went to the counselor last night and we all found out that while K was with her mom for the week, her mom set up an appointment with the counselor for the 17th when she comes to get K for the weekend. K had no idea that her mom had done this, nice huh? You would think that you would tell your child instead of someone else telling her. K wrote a song explaining how she feels right now, I think it was called "The box". She sang it to us and her counselor and we were all in tears. It is sad when a 9 year old is more mature then her mother! She talks about a box, and being scared to open it. But then she opens it and feels much better. So sad, but she is breaking thru finally.

J finished his class and got an 'A', of course! He starts a new class on the 13th, so he is gonna help me with things around the house until then. We are going to try to strip the wallpaper off of our livingroom walls and then paint. I can't stand the old people wallpaper that is all over my house anymore!!!!!

I only have one more assignment for my class that I've been doing, I just got my 9th assignment back in the mail and my teacher loved it! She told me to send it right out to a children's magazine, just do some minor tweaking. It's called, "A Frog in My Throat" and I wrote it for young readers ages 6-8. It talks about your voice getting raspy and what it means when someone says that you have a frog in your throat. I need to go back and re write all of my stories, then I will post them for you all to read!

Ok, well K has her first band concert tonight (she plays flute) so I will post about that tomorrow!

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We are servants to our cats

My cats do everything on this list!

Also, my J Poo sent me Pearl Jam's new song! "World Wide Suicide" (the message is war=bad), check out their website!
OMG! They are coming to Albany again! May 12th, and I can't go! Oh peanut, the things I do for you!!!!

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Eddie's back!

It's been so long since Albany.....

I've missed you so!

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Well, yesterday was my monthly "peanut" checkup!
Josh and I got to see the doctor this time instead of the nurse, he was really nice and spent a lot of time talking to us! Then he whips out the doppler, and says to us "This may or may not work, but we'll give it a try and see if we can hear the baby's heatbeat." YEAY! So, he places the microphone on my tummy, and says he may have to move it around a bit before we hear anything. He turns on the doppler and......there it is!!!!! Even the doctor couldn't believe that he found it on the first try! It was so amazing, J and I couldn't stop smiling! He said the heartbeat was over 150 beats per minute, which is perfect! Everything is going well and he feels this is a very healthy pregnancy. Well, except for the constant gaging/dry heaving/throwing up. But, there is nothing they can do about it unfortunately, I have to hold on for a few more weeks. Sigh......

So, we go back on March 29th, have to have some more bloodwork before then just to test for Cystic Fybrosis and Spina Bifoda (hope I spelled that right!). So, last time I went I had lost 3 1/2 pounds, this time I gained back 2 1/2 pounds, so that is good. A few weeks after our next appointment is when we can have the ultrasound and see what "peanut" is!!!! I can't wait! We talked to the doctor about bringing K with us too, so she can see and be with us when we find out.

J is on travel again, Miami this time. Grrrr. Snowing and freezing here, sunny and warm there. He left this morning and will be back Friday afternoon. I hate when he has to go away, but this time I am worried just because of how sick I've been lately. I like to know that he is close by, just incase anything happens. Plus my emotions are waaaaaaay out of control, and I have been crying at the drop of a hat. I just want to be happy about this pregnancy, not sick and out of control.

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