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Sunday, November 25, 2007

14 months old today

Can you believe it?? 14 months old already, and doing new things everyday! I'm a little behind, so let me catch you up on everything:

8/15/07 - Blinking/winking at us

8/16/07 - Copied K and Josh spitting out their tongues

8/22/07 - Zurburted her cousin Z's face, totally out of the blue!

8/25/07 - 11 months old, stood up from a sitting position

8/29/07 - Discovered the switch to the light on the dryer door, had a lot of fun turning the light on and off

August 07 - The week after she turned 11 months old, she started to walk!

9/11/07 - While we were watching Yo Gabba Gabba, they were telling the kids to jump so I started to jump. I held Aly's hand and she did it with me, then I let go and she did it all on her own! Also, today she discovered the lever on the toilet and started to flush it over and over and over.

9/13/07 - Found the button on the air conditoner that turns it on and off, had a lot of fun with that

9/16/07 - 13th tooth bottom right molar

9/17/07 - Started to sit in a forward facing car seat today, big girl seat!

9/18/07 - Aly had learned to throw her dirty diapers into the garbage in the bathroom. Well, she decided today that her socks had to go in there too! The funny thing is, we would clap after she threw away her diapers so she decided that we needed to clap after she threw her socks away too! She also climbed up on the dryer door and sat on it.

9/19/07 - Aly and K went to Nanny and Bumpy's today. Aly went into the kitchen and saw the dogs water dish and decided to sit in it! Nanny said she came out of there and voiced her opinion in disgust, because she was dripping wet! When she went back in there later, she yelled at the bowl!

9/24/07 - 14th tooth, bottom left next to front four

9/25/07 - ONE YEAR OLD TODAY! Had a great party!

9/27/07 - 15th AND 16th teeth, bottom left molar and bottom right next to front four

10/03/07 - Finally started saying "Mom"!

10/11/07 - Started sleeping in her crib!

10/15/07 - Started saying "Please" and "Hi"

11/12/07 - Learned to make animal sounds: Woof she says "Oofff", Meow she says "Waow" and for a horse she says "Heeeee"

11/20/07 - We were in target with Grandma and someone sneezed and she said "Oofff"! My mom and I had to tell her that it wasn't a doggie!

11/21/07 - Last time having formula! We slowly switched to milk as per her doctor

I'll type more later, she's got a cold and is in a mood...

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas pics

So, I know I haven't even put up Halloween pics yet, but we just had these done last night and I just had to post them now! What are your top three favorites? I am trying to decide what to put in our Christmas cards this year.
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Christmas pics

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Christmas Pics

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