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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Halloween pic

Here is our little pea in a pod Aly!
We were at K's school for her Halloween parade and party.
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Poor Peanut

Aly had her two month checkup on Monday. Unfortunately that meant getting three shots. She had one in her left leg and two in her right. At first the nurse put the needle in and Alyson just kept sucking on her pacifier, but then she realized what had just happened and her face turned a shade of red I've never seen before! Plus she cried so hard she stopped breathing, so we kinda had to shake her a bit. Poor thing, I felt terrible. I didn't cry though, I think I was too tired and too pissed off. She had an appt. at 11AM and we didn't get in there until noon, which would have been fine but about 4 other people went in before us that had gotten there after us. I really didn't like the fact that we were sitting in a waiting room full of sick kids. Anyway, she now weighs 11 lbs 14 1/2 oz, her head is 39 cm, and she is 24 inches long now! All that in two months! She is 3 inches longer and two and a half pounds heavier. She has outgrown her newborn clothes and some of her 0-3 month clothes, she's pretty much wearing 3 month and 3-6 months now......sniff sniff. I am so sad! I have to go thru her clothes now and start packing some of them up to make room for the new.

She is not this tiny helpless little thing anymore, she is a hungry monster now! She eats about every 2 hours, sometimes 3. She has 4 oz at a time, and we actually had to start her on cereal because she is a bottomless pit and is never full! One good thing, we give her a bottle and cereal around 10pm and she has been sleeping from midnight or so until between 6-7am!!!! YEAY!!!! She is also holding her head up by herself now, looks like a bobblehead though. If I lay her on my chest, she pushes up with her arms so she can hold her head up and see what's going on. She is focusing better, she can follow things with her eyes. She smiles all the time and tries to laugh, she "talks" all the time too! (She's talking right now to the TV!) She likes it when we make faces at her and tries to mimic them. Her and Josh have a game where Josh tells her he's going to take her tongue, then grabs for it when she sticks it out at him. They both have a good time doing that! She has better control of her arms and legs now, they don't just jerk and flail out just because. Although she does still punch herself in the face. This morning she woke up and I noticed a red blotch on her forehead, and I have noticed this before and wondered what it was. I figured out that it is because she sleeps with one fist on her head, and one in her mouth! Well, where does she get that from? Her daddy! He sleeps with one hand on his head sometimes!

Aly is 9 weeks old now, I can't believe it. People kept telling us to enjoy every minute because it goes by fast. I was so tired of hearing it, but now I am feeling what they had said. It is going by too fast, there is not enough time in the day. I can't imagine having to work and missing all of this. Yes, she still cries/screams and she still needs a lot of attention, but I am glad that she needs me and knows that I am there.

Josh is doing good, he is sick of school though. He will be done by summer 2007, but will have his Bachelor degree and will be done! I plan on having a big party for him! Work is really weighing on him right now, just a lot to do. He has to go away for most of January. One full week in Las Vegas and 4 days in St. Louis. I'm not happy about it, but what can I do? K is doing ok, but she is having issues with her mom. Her mom keeps calling and K doesn't want to talk to her at all. Her mom actually called on a Sunday night before Thanksgiving and said she was in NY for the night and was hoping to talk to K! Can you imagine? Your mom moves...again...then calls and says she's in town for the night. Why not tell her weeks before so maybe you can plan on seeing her? Ugh, so tired of this whole thing. We go to trial on the 12th, and that should be the end of everything. She decided she didn't want to give us full custody and that she wants visitation. We'll see what happens.

Me, I'm ok. Tired, sore, brain is mush. Covered in spit up. Lucky if I can shower by the end of the day. I feel so pretty!

Here's a couple more milestones and nicknames for Aly:

Little bit (my dad calls her that)
Ladybug (Josh's mom calls her that)

11/14/06 - 1st time Daddy went away (3 days to Nebraska)
11/16/06 - 1st time she blew a "razzberry"
11/17/06 - 1st time she had rice cereal
11/18/06 - 1st trip to Carousel Mall and Build A Bear, she made her first stuffed animal - a frog named Sir Hops A Lot!
11/20/06 - 1st time she slept in her crib, just for a nap
11/22/06 - K home for Thanksgiving break, gave Aly a bottle and helped with her bath
11/23/06 - 1st Thanksgiving! Had a spoonful of mashed potatoes and didn't like them
11/25/06 - 2 months old!
11/27/06 - went to doctors for 2 month checkup and shots

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

K's school picture

She just gets prettier and prettier every day!!! 5th grade, 10 years old Posted by Picasa

Posted by -=(Scooby)=- @ 12:03 PM

6 weeks old already

Can you believe it? It's going by fast now. She is already changing, in looks and actions.

I still get e-mails giving me updates compared to how old she is so I will keep sharing those with you.....

Has your baby smiled at you yet? If not, he will soon. At 6 weeks, about half of all babies can recognize their parents, and many of those babies are so delighted that they welcome Mom or Dad with an excited, gurgly grin. This "social smile" is one of the first signs that your baby is developing an ability to socialize. Not to mention, it's one of the more emotionally gratifying milestones you'll see your baby reach. That's not all. Your baby can also squint, purse his lips, raise his eyebrows, and widen his eyes. His mannerisms are unconscious at this point when he squints, don't assume he's thinking deep thoughts. But your baby has been closely observing your behaviors, and he's experimenting with the different facial expressions he's seen modeled. Think of it as "practice expressiveness." By doing this, he's becoming more and more capable of learning communication skills that will help him get along in the world.

A lot has been going on. We have been back and fourth to the doctors quite a bit lately. She has thrush. Plus she had a clogged tear duct. And she is spitting up a lot. The dr decided to up the medicine she is on for acid reflux to three times a day now. They aren't too worried I guess, she is peeing and pooing, and she has gained weight. 10 pounds 5 ounces!!!! Our little ham! I have stopped breast feeding, unfortunatley. Because she had thrush, I had it too and it was making me crack and bleed. It hurt so much to feed her, I stopped for a bit and then didn't really get back into it. She has decided that she likes the bottle more than me anyways, I know I could have pumped but it's too late now. I'm just glad I could do it for 6 weeks.

She is becoming more active now! She likes to sit in her bouncy now and kick at the little fish hanging down, which makes the sounds play and the fishies bubble. She sits there and smiles and snorts at them, it is so cute! She follows us with her eyes and knows our voices very well. If I am talking and someone else is holding her, she looks for me. She is finally starting to sleep in her cradle at night, it can be a struggle but hopefully she will get into it and we can get her in the crib soon! I need to go buy a wedge to put in the crib so she sleeps propped up, it will help with the acid reflux and help to keep the formula down!

Here's some more dates to remember:

09/28/06 - First time at Nanny and Bumpy's (had to pick K up)
09/28/06 - First visitor Tom M., brought time card to Daddy to sign for work
10/18/06 - First time at Grandma and Grandpa's house
10/22/06 - Started to blow spit bubbles
10/23/06 - First time out to lunch with Kimmy
10/24/06 - Smiled at the fishies on her bouncy seat
11/01/06 - Smiled at Daddy's funny faces, more than once!
11/05/06 - Smiled at Mommy, playing "where's the baby?" by putting her blanket on her face

For Halloween, we went to K's school and watched the Halloween parade. K dressed up as a Lillith Goth Fairy and we dressed Alyson up as a Pea in a Pod. K took Alyson to her teacher and he took Alyson and went out the door! Josh and I followed him and saw that he went to the room next door to show the other teacher. Now, mind you, we had not met K's teacher yet! Anyway, everyone was oohing and ahhing and K was the center of attention and loving it! She really needs the approval of her peers and she definately got it that day, she was in heaven! We stayed for her party and then went out to my parents house to see them and my sister. After that we went to Josh's parents, had dinner, then took the 4 kids trick or treating. It was kinda raining out, so it was a wet cool night. Not many trick or treaters out. The kids had fun and got lots of candy!

Josh is going on travel next week to Nebraska, and I am not looking forward to it. We didn't expect Aly to be such a handful at night, I hope I can do this. He will be gone for three days. Wish me luck!

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