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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

19 Weeks

Think you're big now? You'll start growing even more rapidly in the weeks to come. This added weight may make it hard for you to keep up your regular pace without taking a catnap during the day. You may also be wondering about that darkened line running from the top of your belly button to the top of your pubic bone. It's called the linea nigra, or "dark line," and is caused by a temporary increase in melanin, the substance that colors your hair, skin, and eyes. This is an important time for your baby's sensory development, too. Her brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. Some research suggests that she can even hear you talk, so read out loud, talk to her, or sing a happy tune.

I had my 4 weeks doctor appointment today. Everything is going great, baby is fine. I've gained 5 pounds since last month!!! She said it was ok though, I've gained 8 1/2 pounds total so far and should be around 10 pounds now. She's just happy that I am able to eat and keep things down! I asked her if I would have any more sonograms and she said no, unless there are problems. And the reports came back that they aren't sure if it's a boy or a girl! ARGH!!!! Can you tell I am frustrated? I'd really like to know what the baby is, one less thing to worry about. Well, I think we are going to do the baby's room in a ducky theme anyways.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

K's Drawing

In Art class today, K was asked to draw something that she did over her Spring Break. And out of all the things we did together, she chose to draw about the day we took her with us to the sonogram appointment. I had all I could do not to bawl when she showed this to me. She pointed out that she drew the baby's heartbeat on the monitor, and all of the tools that were there for the lady to use on my belly. How precious is this picture?????

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pictures of Peanut

Here's some of the sonogram pictures of our little one...

The middle picture is of the babies feet!!! And look at the belly on this kid!

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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Well, I had my sonogram on Tuesday and J and K went with me! We were in there for an hour because the peanut wouldn't cooperate!!!!! The technicial had a hard time getting the pictures she needed (kidneys, stomach, etc.). Peanut had it's arms and legs crossed so it was hard to see everything. Man I hurt after that cause she was pushing really hard on me and trying to get the baby to move!

I know you are all dying to know if we found out the sex of the baby, well that's kinda a yes and a no. The technician said she was 75% sure that it's a girl!!!!! BUT, she said that the "boy parts" don't drop until between 18 and 26 weeks, and I am 18 weeks right now. SO, for now, peanut is 75% a girl!!!!! I asked if I would have another sonogram and the woman said you usually have 4-5 during the course of the pregnancy, so I will find out next week if I can have another one. I really wanted a boy, but a girl is cool too!!!!! Everything was fine, peanut is healthy and that's all that matters!!!!! K was excited, because she wants a sister. She thought it was cool to hear the heartbeat and see the baby. I couldn't believe how much the baby has grown since the last sonogram I had! You can actually see the bones, and the 4 chambers of the heart, and the brain, and we saw peanut trying to suck on her hand/thumb!!!!!!! SO COOL!!!! The sonogram showed a due date of September 18th, the first one showed the 17th, and the doctors office says the 20th. Also, the baby is already 8 inches long!!!!! The woman said peanut has long legs!!! I will post pics of the sonogram soon!!!!

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18 Weeks

Hungry? An increase in appetite is pretty common about now. Make it count by choosing meals and snacks that are rich in nutrients (fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt, nuts) instead of empty calories (chips, french fries, pastries). You may soon begin to feel achiness around your lower abdomen; this comes from your ligaments stretching as your uterus grows. Your baby's active these days kicking, reaching, and flexing his arms and legs. You may even begin to feel his movements. If not this week, then soon.

I am ravenous!!!!! I am trying to be good, eating healthy and such. I go back to the doctor next week so I will see then how much I've gained. Last visit was 5 pounds, which was right on track she said. Ugh, I wake up at all times during the night and my stomach growls!!!! I am feeling the ligament pain, and I am feeling the baby move!! Unfortunately, J can't feel the baby yet.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

17 Weeks, K's party, and more!

Starting to feel a bit off balance? Your center of gravity shifts as your belly grows, so you may occasionally feel a little unsteady on your feet. Pregnancy hormones may make your eyes dry and dull your vision. Contact lenses may feel uncomfortable, too. Over-the-counter eye drops often help. Inside, your baby's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord her lifeline to the placenta is growing stronger and thicker.

And this morning the little jumping bean decided to use me as a punching bag! It was kinda cool! I was laying down and was rolled up into a ball. Well, obviously he/she didn't like that so I started to get punched/kicked! I straightened my legs out and the jumping bean stopped. I called Josh at work right away, it was about 9:20AM. I know, I know, you think I'm lazy for being in bed still but I am icky sicky with a nasty cold. Sore throat, cough, nasty stuff. Ugh, everything caught up to me.

Kaylee's party went awesome!!!! Three of the girls got off the bus with her and before I let them all in I asked them what their agent name, number and password was. They thought it was so cool! After everyone got to our house we started to "train" them. We did the telephone game, where one person whispers something to one person and it goes all around the table and the last person has to say it out loud. Then we had them do a word search from the FBI's website. Then I filled a pillowcase with 15 items, each kid had one minute to put their hand in and feel around without looking and after they all did that we gave them 2 minutes to write everything down that they remembered. Then we taught them Morse code and how to use a Microscope! The last thing they had to learn how to do was eat "exotic foods". I brought out a dish of yogurt covered raisins and told them it was yogurt covered ants! We told them that in some countries that is what they ate was bugs! So I popped one in my mouth and they all screamed!!! Hahaha!!!! Then one girl got brave and tried it and said "Yum! I know what these are!" Then a couple other girls tried it, and they finally caught on. Then we told them we were going to have them try sushi! Well, K has tried it before and one other girl too and they both hated it so they started gagging and carrying on. Everyone else was saying no way! We told them they wouldn't pass training without it, so they finally agreed. Then we brought out the tray of "sushi" and they were all like "COOL!!!!" and dug right in! Like I said before, it was twinkies and donuts wrapped in green fruit roll ups and candies.

So, the next day was the Mission. We had written up clue cards and taken a picture of the briefcase they had to find. Unfortunately, it was too cold to go outside so we had to do it inside. J had taken a picture of the briefcase ontop of the cats scratching post, and at the time Fox (our cat) was up on his hind legs reaching for it! SO, he told the girls that "Agent Fox" was securing the breifcase and that was the last time it was seen. So, the first clue was that the person who did it was at headquarters, and we had taped a hair to the clue that was found at the crime scene for them to examine under the microscope. We had them all talk it out.....long, brown, thin hair. So they wrote that in their notebooks. Then the second clue was taped to the bottom of the microscope. It said that the person who did it liked to play with the cat's toys, which almost all of the girls had the night before! Now, the part that said "cat toys" was in Morse Code, so they had to figure that out first! So, they all ran to the cat toys and found the third clue. That said that the person had blue eyes and didn't wear glasses, so they all wrote that in their notebooks and started to say who it could and couldn't be. At the end of that clue it said to "follow the trail of cat toys", which went upstairs into K's room. They all ran upstairs and the last clue was on her bed. It said that the answer was right under their noses, the briefcase was under her bed. We also told them to bring it back to headquarters so we could decide who had stolen the briefcase. Now, I have to mention that before we had them do all of this, we had them dress up in disguises so they wouldn't get caught!!! They all sat at the table and talked about the clues, then on peices of paper we had them write down who they thought it was. K got half of the votes, I got one, and a couple other girls got one. Well, then we had them really think about the clues and we talked it out with them, because they were all wrong. I told them that I would be right back, that I was going to go get the paper that had the answer on it. I came back in the room and I was holding....AGENT FOX!!!! Our cat did it, he was the thief!!!!! K was the only one who had figured it out after talking about it again. So, they opened the briefcase and of course I filled it with toys and candy. They loved it!!!! It was fun, but exhausting!

Saturday after the party J and I went to my grandpa's service. It was short, the pastor talked, sad songs were played, my cousin Melissa sang a couple of songs including "Danny Boy" which I guess my grandpa had asked her to do, then family members stood up and told some stories (including my dad, which I know was hard for him but I'm glad he did). After the service, we all went back to my Aunt and Uncle's house and everyone ate, drank, and talked. We stayed for a while, I brought our camera and took pictures of everyone's jewelry that my grandparents had made for them. I will try to post those soon for you all to see. My grandpa also left all of his jewelry making supplies to J and I, because we are the only ones in the family that have made jewelry and are interested in doing it. I can't wait to start, it will bring back a lot of good memories.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

16 Weeks

Get ready for a growth spurt! In the next few weeks your baby will double her weight and add inches to her length. She's even growing toenails now. You're going through a bit of a growth spurt yourself. The top of your uterus is now about halfway between the top of your pubic bone and your navel. And the round ligaments that support your uterus are thickening and stretching as you grow. You're also probably looking and feeling a whole lot better as you adapt to pregnancy. Less nausea, fewer mood swings, and "glowing" skin contribute to an overall sense of well-being.

I feel worse this week then I did in the beginning! I've been sick a few times and I feel like crap. I think that I have a cold or something though too. I'm not sleeping well, so I'm tired through the day, but have a million things to do before K's party (which we had to change to friday night due to my grandpa's service being saturday evening). Luckily I cleaned half of the house yesterday, so only a few more rooms to do. I'm going to rest right now, so hopefully I can finish up tonight! I am still having weird dreams, especially dreams about my teeth falling out now. I had one about my friend who is getting married this saturday. I went to help her get ready and she decided that instead of a train on her dress she wanted to have long blond extensions put in her hair. I'm talking rapunzel long! So, I went to help her with it and she was laying on a table and her hair was laid out straight on a few tables. As I was brushing her hair my teeth started to fall out. I told her about it and she said to just save them in a jar and the dentist could put them back in. But then my teeth started falling out and they were all cracked and broken! Then I woke up. Weird huh?

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Goodbye "Elmer Fudd"

Sadly, my grandpa passed away yesterday morning. He was 88 years young.

He has been sick and in and out of the hospital since December. My grandma passed away in May of 2003, and he was heartbroken. He has missed her so much, he was ready to go. They were so much in love, I knew I always wanted to find a love like theirs and fortunately I did. It just scares me though because I can't imagine life without J, I love him so much.

The reason I say Goodbye "Elmer Fudd" is because that is what my sister and I used to call him, his name was Elmer. He was very sarcastic and full of it, just like everyone else on my dad's side of the family. He always liked to put his finger in your ear, or pinch us, or call us silly names. He and my grandma lived in a camper that they took back and fourth between New York, Texas and Arizona, so they could see their family and friends. I remember every year looking for them to pull into our driveway around the end of May. That always meant grandma's oatmeal cookies and orange juice (yes, orange juice), walks with them on the trails using grandpa's hand carved walking sticks, and watching them make their jewelry. Their jewelry is beautiful, I will take some pictures of what I have and post them. Before he passed, J and I talked to grandpa about how both of us were into jewelry making, J taught himself and I took classes in college. Grandpa decided to give us his rocks and metal, and his grinder and cutting wheel. We are so honored by this, and I really can't wait to try to make jewelry like they used to. I wish now that when I was a kid I would have paid more attention to what they did, they used to let us turn stones with them and we always watched grandpa do his silver work, but I wish I would have learned more. Grandpa showed us some of his pictures before he passed and told us alot of funny stories. I will be posting some of those later, so that I will never forget. Sorry you didn't get to meet your great grandparents, Peanut, but they will always be with you. We love you Grandma and Grandpa.

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