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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Miami Pics

Aly looking out the window on the plane, in her own 1st class seat!

Mommy and Aly on the plane.

K, Me, Aly, Rachel and Jaimie, July 2007.
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Miami Pics

Daddy holding Aly while the ocean waves hit, she wasn't too thrilled with it.

Aly and K in the Kiddie Pool!

K, Aly and Josh in the pool, she loved it!

Hey stewardess, got any more of these Biscoff cookies?
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Miami Pics

Aly, Rachel and Jaimie, July 2007.

They had lots of activities at the resort, this one was "design your own cookie".

Mommy did this one for Aly, she couldn't keep her hands off of it!

Aly on the beach in the sand, July 2007.
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Miami Pics

The view from our balcony, Newport Beachside Resort in Miami.

Aly in her crib at the resort.

Rachel, Aly and K, July 2007.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pics....not in any special order

My grandma, Me, Alyson and my Mom....4 generations...July 2007.

Alyson and Josh July 2007.

Alyson in her 4th of July outfit.
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K, Aly, R and Z on Easter morning, April 2007.

Alyson and Aunt Kimmy at Tina's Bridal Shower April 2007.

Josh and Dawn in the Wine Cellar at Wagner Vineyards, Seneca Lake, July 2007.

Mom, Dad, Aly, and Grandma, July 2007.
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Having fun at Tina's wedding! May 2007

Our new Buffet for our new dining room!

Our new dining room table!

Alyson on Easter morning, April 2007.
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Love the baby butt! May 2007

Nekked baby with a mohawk! May 2007

Alyson, May 2007

Alyson with Aunt Kimmy and Uncle Wes, Tina's Wedding, May 2007
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K with her friends at graduation.

Alyson with Nanny at the beach June 2007.

K with her 5th grade "State Fair" project May 2007, she did Alaska.

Alyson looking thru the ads to find Mommy a gift for Mother's Day, May 2007.
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Aly on the slide with Daddy June 2007.

Aly on the slide with Mommy June 2007.

Alyson trying a strawberry, June 2007.

K at her 5th grade graduation night June 2007.
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Alyson with Uncle Brian and Aunt Meme, June 2007.

"Z's" kindergarten graduation.

Mom, Dad and Alyson "Wild Thing" Biker Chic!

Daddy, Alyson and Z coming down the slide! June 2007
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Alyson with Ash June 2007.

Neice "R" infront of the trophies she and her school choir won.

Alyson, Bumpy, and our nephew "Z" June 2007.
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June and July

Aly updates:

5/31/07 - 8th tooth! Bottom right next to front tooth.

6/7/07 - Had some of mommy's toast and loved it!

6/8/07 - Rice krispies, her new favorite food

6/4/07 - Watermelon, she didn't like it at all...wonder if it is because that was all I ate besides Whopper Jr's when I was preggo with her?

6/10/07 - Tried an orange slice at K's soccer game, made such a face but kept eating it and got it ALL over her outfit. Also tried a piece of hot dog, wasn't thrilled with it.

6/11/07 - Had cantalope at my parents house for my moms b-day, she really liked it.

6/12/07 - Had french fries at Johnny Rockets tonight with my friend Ash, she was in town on business so Aly got to meet her for the first time!

6/14/07 - Tried Cheerios and loved them, don't know why I didn't think of them sooner.

6/15/07 - Tried crackers, liked them but took too big of a bite so we will back off on those.

6/16/07 - Went to the Field Days today (across the street!), went down the big slide with Daddy and then Mommy! Looked scared at first but smiled at the end.

6/17/07 - Had a strawberry today, what a face! Liked it after a few bites, this was at our Fathers Day BBQ.

6/29/07 - Tried animal crackers today, liked them but had trouble with them so will hold off on those for now.

6/30/07 - Tried a chicken nugget today at Burger King, liked it.

*Sometime in June, not sure when...Started standing up on her own and letting go, also is wearing 12 month size clothes and some 18 month size.

7/3/07 -Had a Girl Scout cookie, Trefoil.

7/4/07 - First 4th of July, didn't go to fireworks because it was raining.

7/5/07 - Did some fireworks in the backyard tonight, the ones that whistled and popped scared her and she cried.

7/7/07 - Had some frozen GoGurt today, made a face at first but kept putting it back in her mouth. She also climbed the stairs today, with mommy behind her of course! She probably could have done this earlier but I wouldn't let her.

7/12/07 - Went to Nanny's house today for 12 HOURS! K was away at camp and mommy and daddy went to the Finger Lakes to enjoy the wineries around Seneca Lake!

7/15/07 - First time on a plane!!! We flew to Miami FL, daddy had to work so we all tagged along for vacation again! She did GREAT on the planes! Standing up, talking baby talk to everyone and waving and laughing. It was trying to get her to sleep at the Resort that was hard, not being home I guess.

7/16/07 - First time in the Ocean! She HATED it! Josh sat down on the beach at the edge of the water, so that the waves were just touching them. She wasn't happy at all, we are guessing the sound of the waves and maybe the waves coming at her. She did LOVE the pool however, especially the kiddie pool. She could stand up and the water came to right below her shoulders. She wanted us to let go of her!

7/18/07 - First time meeting Jaimie and Rachel! We drove two hours north to meet up with them. They moved to Orlando last July, so that was the last time we had all seen each other, so Aly wasn't born yet.

*July - She is still wearing 12-18 month size clothes. She will be walking soon, she is holding on to things and letting go and starting to take a step and falling on her bottom!

Alyson will be 10 months old tomorrow! What a little princess she is. She just recently started throwing tantrums, joy of joys. She shakes her head no if we do and she laughs. She is so fast now when she is crawling, I can't turn my back on her for a second. One day I did and *gulp* she was half way up the stairs trying to get the kitty! She still doesn't say MaMa, she says NaNa though. She is starting to say "Key" for kitty, instead of "Eee Eee". She says "Yeah" sometimes. She likes watching Sesame Street now which is good, but also likes SpongeBob, not sure if that's good. Can I handle a kid that is crazy for SpongeBob? Well, can I handle a kid that is Crazy for Elmo?? As long as it's not Barney.

Josh is done with school! YEAY! He finished his Bachelor degree with a 3.85 GPA overall!!! My smarty boy! Soooooo glad he is done, nice that he isn't doing homework all the time and can spend time with us. We had a small picnic/party for him, K (because she graduated elementary school), and our nephew Z (because he graduated kindergarten). I couldn't think of a gift to get him that I could afford, so his parents, my parents and I went in together and bought him a nice air compressor. Some of his co-workers were very thoughtful and took him out for drinks and gave him a frame for his degree right from his college! It is beautiful! They are so nice, it made both of us feel realy good.

K is good, she went to Girl Scout camp for a week, 6 days away from home! Her cousin was with her so it made it easier for the both of them. It was a horseback riding session, how lucky is she? Like I said above, she graduated 5th grade and is moving on to middle school. She is excited and nervous at the same time, 4 school coming together is a lot of kids to get to know!

I am sick right now, I guess I caught a cold in FL, I don't know how. I think I just got run down. The plane ride home Friday was terrible, I wanted to cry my ears hurt so bad. I tried popping them but no luck, I couldn't hear anything until the next day. I probably should have gone to the doctors but, I didn't. Oh well. Oh, and the deal with my left arm/hand, he says I have a slight case of carpel tunnel, blah blah blah. Whatever.

Josh is leaving for Kentucky tomorrow and will be back on Friday. Sucks.

Ok, gonna post some pics now. Can't think of anything else. Oh, Aly is sleeping, but still not well.

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