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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So behind

Sorry everyone, it looks like I am falling behind on my posts. Sorry, but 8 month old = no sleep still.

4/13/07 - started grinding her teeth, what an aweful sound!!!

4/17/07 - Aly started saying "Aah Aah" for "Uh oh" (when she drops something) and "Eee Eee" for "Kitty"

4/19/07 - went for 1st walk in her stroller with Mommy, Sissy, and Mrs. Dorris our neighbor. Later that night Daddy got to go too!

4/19/07 - took her 1st trip to Lowe's with Daddy

4/20/07 - started flicking her fingernails on her teeth

4/21/07 - spent the day with Daddy

4/23/07 - crawled for the first time, twice in a row! Daddy and Sissy saw it, but Mommy didn't :(

* started wearing 6-9 month size clothes this month

5/4/07 - she was crawling and pulled herself up

5/4/07 - got tooth #5 today, top left next to front tooth

5/5/07 - went to Tina's wedding today!

5/6/07 - got tooth #6 today, top right next to front tooth

5/11/07 - Aly pulled herself up on the 1st step to the upstairs today to chase Fox our "Eee Eee"
(Grandma was here to see it)

5/14/07 - 1st boo-boo today, fell on chin while she was crawling and bit down on the inside of her left cheek. Mommy was very calm and took her into the bathroom to rinse out the blood pooling in her mouth! Aly did fine and went back to chasing the "Eee Eee's".

5/15/07 - put Aly in her crib to play while Mommy put her clothes away and she pulled herself up and stood up! Time to drop the crib mattress! (Not that she sleeps in the darn thing)

5/23/07 - Aly and K were at Nanny's house and Josh went to pick them up after he got out of work. When he walked in, Aly and K were playing on the floor and he said "Hi girls!" and Aly turned to him and said "Da Da"!

5/27/07 - got tooth #7 today, bottom left next to front tooth...ugh!

5/28/07 - went to Carousel Mall today, went on 1st ride on the carousel with Mommy and K

5/29/07 - went in the grass for the first time today, didn't like the feelon her hands so she crawled up onto Josh's leg. He put her back down and she laid there on her tummy with her hands and feet up off of the grass!

5/29/07 - went down the slide with K for the first time at K's school

5/29/07 - had Zwieback toast for the 1st time, so much better then the Arrowroot biscuits! She didn't choke or cough and she rubbed it on her teeth and loved it!

There's the updates for Aly. I think she will be walking by 10 months! She pulls herself up on everyone and everything. She doesn't want to be held much, she just wants to go go go. You would think that this new found act would wear her down and help her to sleep. You would think. Still up all night. We have tried rice cereal in her bottle, and it worked for a little over a week she would sleep 3-4 hours at a time. It's not working anymore. We bought some books, Josh has read them but I haven't yet. How to get your baby to sleep with little or no crying, I just can't do the cry it out method. I think the main problem right now is the teething. I think #8 came thru tonight, and #9 is right there too. It is terrible! TERRIBLE! She kicks and hits and scratches and get the picture. Anyways, she is getting to be a big girl, 8 months old already! She is starting to wear some 12 month clothes now. I have been buying 12 and 18 month clothes for summer, her bathing suit is 18 months! I can't even think about that right now.

All is as well as it can be here. I am terribly tired. My left hand and arm have been numb for a while now, so I have been back and fourth to the doctors. Had an MRI, have anther one tomorrow, doing an EMG on my left arm next week. Needles, needles for everyone! Dr doesn't think it is because of my MS, says it could be carpel tunnel, but I am right handed so I am confused. I think it is a pinched nerve. We shall find out soon. He's got me taking vitamin B complex and vitamin D now, because there have been studies showing that vitamin D helps combat MS. Makes sense. Not sure why I am taking the B complex, blah. Rather take the vitamins then give myself a shot every week that's going to knock me on my arse.

Josh is sick, working his butt off and taking three 400 level courses to finish his degree on June 29th!!!! It is rough, but he/we will make it through. K is a pre-teen, need I say more? She saw her mom at the counselors office for the first time this month, it's been almost a year since they last saw each other. I guess it was ok, counselor said she had to get "mom" back on track a lot, and that K did really well. Sounds like it is going to take a while for them to fix things, if ever. K's mom likes to get defensive, and the counselor has to tell her to stop. Get this, her mom called a couple nights before she was going to see K and yells at her about not being asked if she wanted to buy any Girl Scout cookies from her this year! She wasn't asked because 1 - her check bounced last year, and 2 - you were living in SC!!! Did I mention that K's mom moved back to MA and K was told on April 1st? Nice huh? It will NEVER end!!!!!!!!!! Even though we have full custody now, I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My birthday was the 21st, thank you to those who sent greetings! I am 32, and not happy about it. Getting older is not fun. I liked my mid 20's the best. Anyway, my hubby and children got me a new laptop which I am finally getting to use right now! It's a HP Pavilion dv6308nr Entertainment Notebook, and I love it!!!! Screen is nicer, can do more on it, just everything is better! They also sent me flowers, white daisies! We had a BBQ with family and...cheesecake! Half strawberries, half blueberries...mmmm. Oh yeah, and then there was Mommies Day too! They gave me purple roses and mixed flowers, a lilac candle, a pillow that says "World's Best Mom" and an engraved picture frame with a picture of me, K, and Aly. It says "Mothers and Daughters...Of all life's blessings, there is nothing more cherished than the love between a mother and a daughter." Oh man, tissues! They also made me breakfast! My parents gave me flowers and so did my neice and nephew.

My mom was in the hospital the day after my b-day. She wasn't feeling great the day before, she thought she was coming down with a cold. Well, she got up Tuesda morning, went into the bathroom, didn't feel well so she opened the door, then passed out adn hit her head. My dad was still home thankfully, so he called 911. Ambulence came and took her to the ER. Long story short, Was there from 7:30AM until 4:30PM when they finally admitted her after my sister and I screamed at everyone. She was on the stinking backboard for over 3 hours strapped and taped down. They did CAT scans and X-rays but they were waiting for the results. What a CF at this hospital, we had to yell at people because she would buzz them to go to the bathroom or because her IV was beeping, and no one came. They did lots of tests, and the one main thing they came up with was Hypoglycemia. So, she stayed in the hospital until the next evening and now she tests her blood sugar levels every morning until she sees the doctor next week. It was a scary couple of days, neither of my parents have been in the hospital for something like this. Well, last fall my dad cut his hand with the table saw....

So, I think that is it. Gonna go try to sleep now, she'll be waking up at 1Am.

Posted by -=(Scooby)=- @ 10:07 PM

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Charlie the Unicorn

OMG, I can't get this out of my head!
This is what happens when you have an 11 year old at home and her friends introduce her to You Tube...

Chaaaaaaaaarrrrrrlieeeeeeeee........Candy Mountain!!!!

Posted by -=(Scooby)=- @ 9:59 PM